Z3 Cloud Platform Camera

Z3 embeds a 22-77mm a high quality equivalent focal length to the small camera and the focal length* of seven times will be provided by non-destructive digital zoom. In this way, the wide-angle vision and details of the sceneries far away can be flexibly shown.

Compared with the lossy digital zoom technology where the pixel-based inpolation algorithm is used, the non-distructive zoom technology can cut the pictures with higher pixel, The ability of image-analysis can still  be remained when the sceneries are magnified.

Camera Parameters

Cloud Platform Parameters

Maximum  Pixel

12.76 million

The angle of pitch control

+30° to  -90°

Lens features

Super-wide angle

The angle of rolling control


Maximum Diaphragm

optical lens of 3.5 times

The angle of  course control


Video quality

Super exquisite, exquisite or standard

The degree of angle jitter


Static pictures

43 12M4000x3000

169 9M4000x2250

Working temperature

-10 ~ 40

Weight of the products

262 g

Weight of the product


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