DF-L600 UAV system is integrated by full carbon fiber at one time. With the features of high intensity, light weight, beautiful exterior, easy operation and control, good loading capacity and easy transportation, the UAV system can be widely used in such fields as aerial film shooting, aerial reconnaissance, anti-terrorism, evidence-obtaining, geological exploration, remote sensing survey, environment protection, meteorological detection, disaster monitoring, aerial survey and public security and fire-fighting. 

Quick assembling within 60 seconds

Module-based design was used to make the removal and assembling quicker.

Super endurance

A new generation of smart battery has been used, making the endurance of flying reaches one hour.

Super load

Compatibility of different professional load making it better abled in loading compared with UAV system at the same level.

Super light body with full carbon fiber

The 3K carbon fiber material is used to make the UAV system lighter with greater intensity.

Industrial craftsmanship and quality

The craftsmanship from German requires precision on every detail.

GPS service with high accuracy

The location of the UVA system will be chased in real-time, better flight route and the better positioning service will be provided more quickly.

Hovering with high stability

With high-précised inertia measurement sensor and algorithmic control, super stable hovering will be achieved.

Power-system with high efficacy

The leading powering system makes the power output more stable and more vigorous.

Fight control system at the industrial grade

The fight situations in the air will be easily mastered to make the operation and controlling more exquisite. 

Technical Parameters on the Flight Platform

Exterior and size (cm)

60 (height)×225 (width)×225(length)


8108 (external rotor brushless waterproof electric machine)


37. 40157486inches (carbon fiber)

Electrical equipment for speed adjustment

50A / 600Hz

Battery pack

16000mAH / 6S1P × 2

Body material

Full carbon fiber body design

Net weight


Working temperature


Flight technical parameters

maximum take-off weight


Standard payload weight


Maximum cruising speed

10 m/s

maximum level speed

12 m/s

Sea level climbing rate

5 m/s

Maximum wind resistance

12 m/sforce six wind

Limitation on altitude climb


Communication distance for TTC channel

5 km

Maximum flying radius

5 km

Flight performance indicator

hovering time when empty

≥60 min

Flying time with standard loadthe load of 5000

≥45 min

Flying time with maximum loadthe load of 8000g

≥20 min

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