Service policy

In order to better serve customers, build brand, and establish the company's corporate image, our company to "quality and service oriented" as the principle of solemn commitment to you:

1. commitment to product quality:

1, the UAV manufacturing and testing are quality records and inspection data;
2, UAV performance before the factory are tested and qualified, and then box shipment.

2.product price commitment:

1, in order to ensure the product's high reliability and advanced, the UAV production materials are selected international high-quality brand-name products;
2, under the same competitive conditions, our company provides customers with the best price on the basis of not lowering the technical performance and changing the cost of the products.

3. delivery promise:

1, product delivery: according to customer requirements, date delivery on time, if there are special requirements, our company can be customized to meet customer needs;
2, when the product delivery, our company to provide customers with complete product list of equipment and information.
3, product warranty period: the company's products from the date of acceptance, warranty period of one year (lithium battery warranty 6 months)

4. after-sales service commitment: 

1, service concept: professional, pragmatic, rigorous, serious;
2, service goal: build industrial grade UAV first brand, provide customer satisfaction service!
3, service principle:

    (a) in the product warranty period, human factors cause flying accident losses incurred by the company, free maintenance and replacement parts of the same model; human factors caused damage to flight accident loss generated by products,
            The company maintains free of charge, but the price of UAV parts and equipment should be charged at the cost of the company;    
    (b) in the product warranty period, crash losses incurred due to flight accident, free maintenance for the company, but the UAV parts and equipment prices should be according to the cost accounting;
    (c) in the process of customer's use, if we need to add drone accessories and equipment, we will charge the company according to the cost price;
4, the efficiency of the service: warranty or warranty period if the equipment failure, the supplier after receiving the notice, maintenance personnel can arrive at the scene and began to repair within 72 hours, customer service hotline: 020-82003840;
5, in the warranty period, our company technical personnel not less than three times a year follow-up survey of users;
6. Our warranty does not cover the following circumstances:

    (a) the product exceeds the warranty period;
    (b) failure or damage caused by natural disasters (such as lightning, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.) due to improper use or proper maintenance of the products;
    (c) failure or damage caused by improper installation or use of the product in the circumstances specified in this product;
    (d) installation and use of the carry on and software without our approval in the product; 
    (e) products are maintained, processed or altered by non designated flight attendants.
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