Combining production, research and research, promoting innovation and development

Dingfei aviation and national 211 Key Engineering School of Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, South China University of Technology and other colleges and universities to take the cooperation with universities, third strong research strength, promote the research and development of new products, improve product quality.
Ding Fei aviation R & D team continuously research team in Colleges and universities more scientific experts and foreign well-known brands of experts in full, provide a guarantee for the flight to broaden their horizons, Ding technology tackling, also make Dingfei aviation research and development strength, comprehensive strength and overall quality has been greatly improved.

Cooperated with the school of criminal science and technology of Chinese People's Public Security University

In June 2017, Ding flight and Chinese People's Public Security University Institute of science and technology to build a "joint criminal crime scene reconstruction and intelligent analysis laboratory, joint research and development of public security police UAV industry the most advanced UAV system, and set up a group of experts of various research and product development.

Ding Fei R & D Center

Guangzhou Ding Fei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. as a high-tech production and sales of high-tech enterprises, attaches great importance to the core technology research and development of uavs. Through the construction of high-tech personnel, we will work in the field of police drones in the public security industry, and continuously develop new UAVs products to guide market demand and development.
At present, Dingfei aviation has a more than 10 years of operation in the field of public safety technical service team, including senior engineers, UAV research and development of high-tech materials research and development engineers, assembly technology engineers and professional pilots, mining customer demand by depth, efforts will be the company's business from the demand led into first developed and the first proposal.

Unmanned aerial vehicle production

Ding Fei aviation since its inception, has established a set of standardized management system of production products, UAV production technology using the most cutting-edge, to the "professional, pragmatic, rigorous and serious" for the production of ideas, and constantly enrich the product structure, improve product quality
Quality, and lay a solid foundation for the company to become a professional UAV solutions provider.
Dingfei airlines will complete the German rigorous testing procedures and testing equipment in the laboratory, improving production and manufacturing technology of the aircraft, the aircraft components and the variety of rigorous testing, to ensure the high reliability of the UAV, coupled with double redundant flight control tailored, will improve the reliability of the UAV the hitherto unknown height, the interpretation of the concept of Dingfei and persistent industrial uav.

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