24 2017-08

The products demand traction UAV the next outlet from the wing.

Vanguard wings - the eighth China UAV conference and Exhibition kicked off in June 14th in Beijing, with the development of UAV technology and key industry applications for the hot discussion and set off a burst of waves in the society in. 3D multi rotor, you can change the angle of the motor, to achieve high mobility flight.

24 2017-08

Effective management allows UAVs to fly higher and farther

"UAVs will implement the real name registration management," the production unit to the civil UAV buyer name, mobile phone and other information registration." "Civil airport, along the runway center line 10 kilometers on both sides, 20 kilometers outside the runway side clearance protection area."."...... After a period of black growth and management of the vacuum, severe drone management came.

24 2017-08

Comprehensive application of police drones, the future market size is expected to reach billions

With the popularity of UAV applications, the development of police drones has continued to accelerate, and more and more UAVs have entered the police department, becoming a necessary tool for public security police activities.

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