congratulations on the criminal intelligence technology training base, the ceremony ended

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On the morning of June 30, 2017, the opening ceremony of "criminal intelligent technology application training base" was held in hunan police academy. Dean Wang Zhou, discipline inspection commission secretary AoPingYang, hunan provincial public security forensic team vice chief and punishment quickel rr, director branch, guangzhou ding flight aviation technology co., LTD., chairman, general manager of contemporary and other leaders attended the ceremony.

The President of the hunan zhou.delivered a speech

Hunan police academy Wang Zhou dean addressed first, since 2013, the police academy, hunan province and the provincial public security department to carry out "hospital bureau cooperation", relying on their respective advantages, walked out of a strong in science and education the new way of the alert, in actual combat. But relying solely on "agency cooperation" is not enough. Strengthen college and enterprise cooperation, open up "with learning, university-enterprise cooperation" model, the path of combining study, is the college courtyard department cooperation, adhere to the "teaching, learning, practice, wars and research" a necessary complement to integration mode. The signing and opening of the "criminal intelligent technology application training base" indicates that our hospital has gained more energy power and made new strides in opening the school.

At present, the application of high technology and big data has completely changed the way of life of the people, and has also resulted in the application of police reform and criminal intelligence technology. Public security institutions must take the initiative to adapt to this change and carry out the burden of reform and innovation. The purpose of the establishment of "criminal intelligent technology application training base" is mainly to rely on the college and the company to jointly carry out the research and development of intelligent technology and uav application technology and personnel training. To develop a good product, make more students to students to master the intelligent technology, unmanned aerial vehicles driving technology, use of efficient, safe and accurate characteristics of criminal intelligence technology and small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) strong maneuverability, affected by terrain advantage, service public security, improve the quality of personnel training.

The director of the criminal science and technology department of the hunan police academy, zhao youming, spoke

The director of the department of criminal science and technology of hunan police college, zhao youming, believes that the school cooperation is very necessary to the development of the college. With the cooperation of the same well-known enterprises in hunan police academy, it can effectively improve the employment quality of graduates, and more importantly, it plays an important role in cultivating applied talents. At the same time, the university-enterprise cooperation can promote the transformation of our college, and push the college to complete the development goal of transformation and development.

Hunan police academy dean and aviation chairman ding fly to criminal intelligence technology training base was unveiled, marking the police academy in hunan and guangzhou ding flight aviation technology co., LTD to deeper development of strategic and cooperative relations.

The director of the hunan police zhao and ding fei aviation wang

After the opening ceremony of the ceremony, the college leaders and tripod airlines representatives went to the criminal teaching building to visit the training base for the application of criminal intelligence technology. The leaders of police criminal science and technology department of hunan's achievements in university-enterprise cooperation said sure, hopes the criminal science and technology in today's opening ceremony as an opportunity into solid transformation work well, obtain due effect, to promote to speed up the pace of college overall transformation!

President of the triangle wang zhou experience 3d reconstruction VR

The leadership of the triangle police academy Tours the training base

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