Flight training

Guangzhou Ding Fei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of independent research and development, production, sales and training services in one of the modern high-tech enterprises. Establish a set of professional driver training system of unmanned aircraft system, strictly on the basis of notice of the Civil Aviation Administration of China "on issues related to the driver qualification management of civil unmanned aircraft system (aviation No. [2014]27)" and "civil unmanned aircraft system driver management Interim Provisions" (AC-61-FS-2013-20) and other relevant laws and regulations to carry out civilian unmanned aircraft training system.

Theoretical training

The relevant civil aviation regulations, UAV UAV UAV system overview and composition, structure and layout, the mainstream of UAV flight principle and performance, multi rotor plant protection machine principle and performance, and the battery charging device, the UAV system safety operation management, the UAV remote control device is provided, and the airspace flight declaration, UAV control standard and emergency system, procedure inspection, task execution command and data processing technology course.

Practical training

UAV flight simulation, assembly debugging practice, ground station route planning emergency link, takeoff and landing UAV training, repair and maintenance, operation management, system safety emergency exercises, remote control parameter adjustment method, the structure and function of the UAV course.

Three training sites

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